An adventure paradise

Hapuka Landing provides a rare opportunity to own beachfront property in the South Westland World Heritage Area of New Zealand and experience a huge range of outdoor activities. This is the ultimate playground for all those passionate about the outdoors and every day provides unrivalled excitement and adventure.


Few places on Earth can claim such a diverse range of outdoor activities right on the door step in such a magnificent wilderness area – there’s something for everyone: hunting and fishing, diving, kayaking, bush walking, jet boating, swimming and surfing, whitebaiting, jet skiing, tramping, water skiing and more.

Sea Fishing
The sea fishing along this coast is outstanding. Big blue cod, groper, terakihi can be caught not far from shore and tuna are so plentiful in season your arms ache from winding. Hapuka, deep sea bass and bluenose are also easily caught in deeper waters.

Fly Fishing
Beautiful back-country rivers abound on the West Coast with over 30 rivers or streams within an hour’s drive of Hapuka Landing. And there are some trophy fish to be caught. Access to more remote upper reaches of some of the rivers is by jet boat or helicopter and sea-run salmon can also be caught at the river mouths.

Many of the rivers are crystal clear so stalking the fish is the name of the game and mostly the river is your own. Most rivers and streams are open from 1st October until 30th April (refer to fish and game regulations for specific lakes and rivers).

Lake Ellery is a popular spot for lake fishing, Access is either via a stunning 5-minute jet boat ride up the Ellery Stream or via a 30-minute walking track from the Cascade Road.

The whole West Coast is a jet boater’s paradise with a vast number of stunningly beautiful alpine rivers to explore. Jet boating up these rivers provides access to remote lakes and river pools – great for fly fishing or just relaxing with friends and a picnic in an inspirational location.

Waiatoto River Safaris
Phone: 03-7500 780 or free phone 0800 538723 (from within NZ only)

Haast River Safari
Phone: 03-7500 101

Easily accessible from Hapuka Landing, this area offers some truly exceptional hunting for red deer, chamois and thar in remote and unspoiled backcountry. Many hunting areas are easily accessible on foot. To access more remote areas contact the local helicopter or jet boat charter operators.

Greenstone Helicopters 
Phone: 03-7500 728

Waiatoto River Safaris
Phone: 03-7500 780 or free phone 0800 538723 (from within NZ only)

The whitebait season on the West Coast runs from 1st September to 14th November and during this time there’s an excitement on the Coast as many peoplecome to try their luck at whitebaiting. Scoop nets and set nets can be used to catch this gourmet delicacy. Catch your own at any of the local river mouths and retire back to your holiday house at Hapuka Landing to cook up some fresh whitebait fritters for an appetizer over drinks.

A licence is not required to fish for whitebait (view the West Coast whitebait regulations).

The diving is outstanding on this West Coast coastline and around the Open Bay Islands directly offshore from Hapuka Landing. Typical diving includes rocks and reefs with numerous holes and crevasses, and the crayfish are plentiful. Diving conditions are suitable for more experienced divers. Hire a helicopter and land on a deserted beach – you’ll soon have your quota. Boats can be launched at the ramp at Jackson Bay.

Waterski and wakeboard at Lake Ellery, about 20 minutes drive south of Hapuka Landing. This is the perfect flat-water location where yours will often be the only boat on the water. Kayak on tranquil streams such as the Ellery Stream surrounded by native bush, or right out in front of Hapuka Landing in the Okuru River mouth estuary.

Surfing at Mussel Point on uncrowded waves, just a few minutes south of Hapuka Landing, is exhilarating when the surf is up.

Jet ski in the Okuru River mouth right in front of Hapuka Landing or go along the river to the sea and play in the waves.


Hapuka Landing is a property development by MTP Limited.


Infinity Investment Group, a 50% shareholder in MTP Limited, is an award-winning, Wanaka-based property investment and development group.

The Group has experience in a broad range of residential and commercial projects including exclusive resorts and estates, apartments and visitor accommodation, commercial premises and extensive residential developments including fully master-planned communities.


Infinity delivers projects that are socially and culturally responsible, sit in harmony with the landscape and are recognised for their innovation and quality.


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