• Section sizes range from 905m² to 3516m²
  • Section pricing from $125,000 to $225,000
  • All sections are titled
  • Earthworks were completed in November 2015
  • Each lot owner will own an 18th share in Lot 19. Resource consent and zoning in place for 19 lot subdivision
  • Extensive beach frontage with outstanding unobstructed ocean views plus outlook to Open Bay Islands


  • Underground power to the boundary will be provided by the developer. Purchasers need to contact the local power company NZ Energy to confirm any connection fees that may apply.
  • Domestic waste water and storm water are to be disposed of on site with section owners responsible for construction of these systems.
  • Water supply is to be by roof collection of rain.
  • The local phone network is at full capacity therefore telecommunications will be sourced by lot owners via direct contact with Farmside who provide both satellite and WIFI options. Both these systems are reliable, cost effective and provide broadband and telephone service.

Section setbacks & height restrictions

  • Buildings shall not exceed a height of 7m above finished ground level.
  • Buildings shall cover no more than 40% of the site.
  • Lots 1-6 (Township Zone) setbacks: Side boundaries 3m, Access road boundary 3m, Sea side boundary 3m
  • Lots 7-18 (Rural Zone) setbacks: Side boundaries 3m, Access road boundary 3m, Sea side boundary n/a (i.e. right up to "no build zone" boundary)
  • Recession planes are not relevant as long as correct setbacks are applied


  • Airstrip for private aircraft along the common land at the front.
  • Hours of operation 7am - 9pm.
  • No commercial operations to occur.
  • All aerodrome traffic circuits must be flown on the seaward side of the airstrip.
  • Airstrip Covenants are available to download here


  • Purchasers from overseas may require an Overseas Investment Office (OIO), please check with your solicitor.
  • Hapuka Landing, Okuru is located within the Westland District Council, information relating to the district's governing body is available on

Documentation available to download: